my page!

hey! my name's will, but i commonly alias to 0x5DA online.

in brief..

i'm 14 & have been coding for about 2 1/2 years. i use rust primarily now (and will shill it under contractual obligation :P), but have worked in java & python in the past. i use linux as my daily driver - currently using alpine - and spend most my time in the terminal (nvim). i don't game often, but when i do i enjoy Minecraft, Portal and Celeste. i like FLOSS & decentralisation, and try support them when i can. my current project is a programming language - though it's been on hold for embarrassingly long now 😅 in the future, i'm interested in learning some C / x86_64 and graphics.


* tumbleweed rolls across the screen * .. yeah, this one's embarrassingly sparse aha. for what it's worth, here's the list:


if you're ever unlucky enough to have to talk to me, try this [embarassingly centralised] list:

(told you. i'm working on getting some more FLOSS friendly options on here soon!)


adding this for clarification: my nick was ^-^ Trevor for a long time. at the start of the new year, i changed it to its current 0x5DA / Hex5DA. 'will' is also fine (and much easier to say 😉). some aliases i used to use: ^-^ Trevor, tr3v0r, trevor, onlyTr3v0r


i recently got a ThinkPad T1440p from minifree. i absolutely love this thing (i defintely reccomend it!) i've installed bedrock linux with FDE and alpine linux as my primary strata. i use spectrwm as a window manager, utilising its default bar with a short script for system readouts. i spend most of my time in the terminal (TE: URXVT, SH: zsh), especially in neovim which i use as my primary editor. i try and keep my plugins & experience light and minimal, and though it's not perfect, i'm happy enough with it for now. my configs are all my own, with a modified neovim plugin for using my Xresources theme in the editor. you can find my dotfiles here!

my laptop wallpaper. pink-orange clouds on a blue sky. a moon in the center. along the top of the screen, there's a pale blue status bar editing a nondescript rust file in neovim. the colours vaguely match the wallpaper aesthetic the output of `neofetch` in the terminal, most prominently displaying the bedrock linux logo (ASCII art shaped like a gold club head)

that's it..

thanks for reading :)